Investment Banking

Services for issuers and equity holders

As part of our Investment Banking range of services, we offer capital-raising assistance to businesses and help develop successful exit strategies for equity owners. Our expertise covers:

  • initial public offerings (IPO),
  • secondary public offerings (SPO),
  • rights offerings,
  • private placements,
  • accelerated book-build placements,
  • convertible bond offerings,
  • public offerings by closed-end investment funds,
  • public offerings of bonds and debentures.

Listing Advisory

With the joint Listing Advisory Service of Biuro Maklerskie mBanku and mCorporate Finance, we will:

  • identify your financing needs,
  • pick the right kind of financing for you,
  • prepare a valuation of your business,
  • determine the structure of the public offering,
  • suggest trusted advisors,
  • prepare and maintain the prospectus (other than the parts managed by legal advisors and auditors),
  • handle the filing process for you,
  • advise on corporate governance and compliance,
  • prepare roadshow presentations of your business and the public offering,
  • arrange and manage pre-marketing,
  • arrange and manage roadshows,
  • coordinate the offering,
  • assist in securities-depository and stock-exchange procedures,
  • provide support in any follow-on offerings in the secondary market.

Our complete range of services also includes:

  • preparation and management of tender offers, minority squeeze-outs, and share buybacks,
  • design of equity-based incentive plans,
  • assistance in relisting from New Connect to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and
  • pre-IPO capital raising.


Services dedicated to WSE- and New Connect-listed companies

To companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and New Connect, we offer maintenance of share registers and market making services.


Distribution Potential

The wide distribution network of BM mBanku guarantees extensive marketing reach to investors. Our customer base comprises thousands of potential investors including:

  • Local institutions,
  • Foreign financial institutions, and
  • Individuals.

BM mBanku maintains relationships with a wide range of fund managers, advisors, and analysts working for institutional investors in Poland and abroad.