Unlisted Companies

To unlisted issuers, we offer a complete range of services including:

- Securities safekeeping,
- Secord-keeping of securities transactions,
- Maintenance of shareholder registers,
- Facilitating trades in securities held in safekeeping,
- Delivery of shareholder entitlements, e.g. dividend,
- Blocking of shares, e.g. ahead of General Meetings, and
- Arranging new equity and debt issues.

Investing in unlisted securities

Interested in over-the-counter stocks?

As an investment firm subject to regulatory oversight by Poland’s Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Biuro Maklerskie mBanku guarantees smooth OTC transactions meeting the highest standards of safety for all parties involved. We handle ownership transfers as well as settlement of OTC transactions.

Under current regulation, transactions in unlisted securities brokered by investment firms are exempt from the tax on civil-law transactions.

Investment accounts for foreign corporations (Cyprus, Luxembourg, Slovakia, etc.)

Biuro Maklerskie mBanku has a proven track record in managing investment accounts for foreign corporations, as best evidenced by the fact that 800 of our 4500+ corporate accounts are accounts managed for foreign entities.

To open a securities account in Poland, companies from Cyprus, Slovakia, Luxembourg, etc. are typically required to provide appropriate powers of attorney as well as a certificate of incorporation, certificate of the registered office, and certificate of directors.

Alternatively, a company can provide a certificate of residence for tax purposes to simplify tax accounting. All documents must be apostilled and all powers of attorney must be signed by all directors (where a director is a corporate entity, an identical set of documents must be provided for that entity as well).

To ensure that the account opening process and all subsequent operations go smoothly, every Cyprus-incorporated company is assigned a dedicated “Private Broker.”