AmiBroker is an award-winning professional technical analysis software. By using AmiBroker in conjunction with real-time Statica quotes, you can:

  • Track all WSE stocks, leading currency pairs, foreign indices, and commodity prices, in real time;
  • Use and easily edit a wide range of built-in indicators;
  • Chart and analyze data;
  • Build and test your own trading platforms;
  • Scan the market for potential trades.

AmiBroker is an extremely flexible tool that guides your investments. Thanks to bespoke components dedicated to Dom Maklerski mBanku, AmiBrokers is now fully integrated with our trading platform.


Now fully integrated into the Dom Maklerski mBanku trading platform, AmiBroker offers:

  • Instant order placing directly from the chart!
  • Quick downloads of up-to-date lists of all WSE-listed instruments;
  • Automatic launch after you log into your investment account.