Trading platform

Manage your investments online!

Our functional, reliable, and user-friendly trading platform is easy to navigate for beginners as well as seasoned individual and institutional investors.

The key functionalities include:

  • Compatibility with all leading browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera...,
  • A customizable trading interface,
  • Up-to-date valuations of your investments based on current quotes, portfolio breakdowns by type of instrument,
  • Calculations of your investment profits and losses,
  • Online margin loan applications /payments,
  • A built in applet showing real-time stock quotes combined with a variety of interesting statistics and ISPAG technical analysis charts,
  • NEW: Detachable order form and desktop allow toggling between multiple displays.

Our trading platform integrates with the following applications:

  • Mobile trading platform – a universal trading app on your mobile phone,
  • Statica mDM – an extended app on your computer offering full access to stock quotes,
  • AmiBroker – a professional technical analysis app on your computer,
  • Notowania Mobilne – a user-friendly stock tracking tool on your mobile phone.